• Do you know you can make ₦57,000 on INSTANT KASH

    If you land here by search or whatever... Congratulations, you are lucky. I'm going to show how to make ₦57,000 and withdraw daily with INSTANT KASH platform.

    I know you might be wondering how the daily withdrawal will go but don't worry just continue reading. I have made more than ₦50,000 from this platform within a week of registration, I don't believe at first when I saw it. I overlook it and count it as a normal post on whatsapp and others Social media posts.

    The most amazing thing in this platform is you can start with just ₦1000 and upgrade later when you start making big cash and you don't even need referral before  you to cash out.

    1). During registration you will be asked to fill your details, fill your information correctly and stroll down

    2). You will be asked to choose payment method which 2 options are provided.
    (Paystack or Coupon Code)
    So just choose paystack

    3). You will be asked to choose plans you wish to go for. Choose silver, Gold or diamond and continue


    1). Here you will be provided two options on your dashboard which are PAYSTACK and COUPON CODE

    2). Just choose Paystack and pay online with your ATM card or with your  bank account.

    If don't know how to do that or you want to use coupon code method click on the following to chat me on whatsapp for guidance

    Congratulations, you have successfully registered below is How to earn on INSTANT KASH platform.

    1). You earn instant ₦2000 back as welcome bonus immediately after registration completed

    2). Daily login to your instant kash account give you ₦100.

    3). Sharing sponsored post to your facebook timeline gives you another ₦100.

    4). Each news you read on the site give you ₦10... You can read as much as possible depends on you

    5). Each comments you dropped after reading news on the site give you another ₦10...

    6). When you post news you get instant ₦100 per each... You can post as much as possible

    7). Earn ₦500 When you partake for INSTANT KASH daily quiz and win

    8). Also you earn ₦1500 when you refer someone using your referral link.. Referal is optional here not compulsory

    Some payments proofs from INSTANT KASH members 


    1) I will Guide and teach you how to make at least 20k weekly on the platform in my sponsored room
    2) whenever you have a question or problem i will be there for you always
    3)I will give you my support Line, whenever you have a question or problem you will be able to talk to us. E.T.C
    4) I will teach you how to fill your withdrawal form even if you don't have referral
    5) Teach you how to make money on the platform with full explained video tutorials and get paid even if you don't have refferal*🥰
    6) I will teach you how to get Refferal and where to get your prospect from and how to convert them to refferals


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