• How I Make ₦66,690 weekly with my facebook account by sharing Rackterly adverts.

    RACKTERLY REVIEW: Our today topic is a new income program where registered members are paid for sharing content otherwise called adverts on Facebook and for referring new members to the site. This article contains an honest review of the program

    This is Rackterly review and may be the best thing you’ve read this year because it’s going to increase your bank account balance.
     For the past few years or months, many income programs has come and go.

    And today, one of the latest Income programs is Racksterly. One of the reasons I like racksterly is that you don’t need to refer to make money. You can join share advert  and make cool money straight to your bank account. Yeah, I’m not joking!

    Now let's talk about what racksterly is and how to make money on it!!!

    Racksterly income program is just a simple income program that allows you to earn daily using your Facebook account. You do not need any referrals in other to earn from Racksterly before you get paid, it’s optional. You just need to join, share posts and start earning money daily and you can withdraw money instantly. You earn a specific money daily depending on the plan you registered with.

    Racksterly Plans

    Currently, there are four (4) plans to choose from while registering for racksterly account
    DewDrizzleStorm and Typhoon and each of these plans has it’s own joining fees and what you will earn daily.
    Each plans last for 30days and After 30 days end, you will need to choose a plan and pay again which will last for the next 30 days.

    How to Make Money on Racksterly

    Basically, you can see how easy it is to make money on racksterly without referrals, it’s just optional if you want to increase your money and that’s what makes it unique from other Income programs in Nigeria
    After being a registered member of Racksterly you earn according to your subscription plans... 
    1). When you Subscribe for DEW PLAN with #6,897 you earn ₦432 everyday.₦432×30days=₦12,960. That's mean you get total of ₦12,960.
    2). Or you subscribes for second plan which is DRIZLE PLAN with #9,296 and earn ₦648 daily. ₦648×30days= ₦19,440 
    3). Again you can subscribe for STORM PLAN with #16,732 and earn $₦1,260 everyday. ₦1,260×30days= ₦37,800
    4). Also you can go for last plan which is TYPHOON PLAN and earn #2,030 daily.₦2,030×30days= ₦60,900.

    If you haven’t joined racksterly, you’re missing a lot, I will advise you to join racksterly as e dey hot. To make big money on racksterly, you just need to think of a plan that will suit your budget and join.

    Another way of earning is by completing a series of achievement. Theres are many achievements that one can unlock and you get paid and they are referal based. Since they want to grow so that other companies and organizations would want to advertise with them, these com7issions are paid to your for your contributions in their growth. A list of achievements they will pay for are:

    1). When you get your first referal they reward you with $2.5
    2). Referring a friend on the same day you subscribed will get you $3
    3). Referring 10 people within a month subscription gets youon $45
    4). Referring 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80
    5). Referring 50 people in a month subscription gets you $150
    6). Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350
    7). Referrring 3 friends in 1 month sub gets you $10
    8). Referring 2 persons on the day your sub ends get you $9

    The best part of All these is that when you refer 6 people in 1 month sub to do a sub on the same level or above your level RACKSTERLY will give you 1 free month of your current plan...Isnt this great? All payments are made to the bank account you provide to them while registering.
    And you can have multiple accounts if you want afterall their target is a higher audience for the adverts, but all facebook accounts linked with them must have 200 and above real friends and you must add their customer care agent on facebook so he can verify your account before any payment.

    Payments proofs:

    How to Join and Register on Racksterly Income Program

    Joining racksterly takes just few minutes by filling simple sign-up form. In fact, in the next 5 mins, you should be done with the Racksterly Registration. It’s so easy and simple. It’s not an advanced process or requires a certain knowledge of something to complete the registration. 😊 So, follow us and let’s walk you through the Racksterly Registration process.

    Step 1: Go-to Racksterly

    Step 2: Sign-up on Racksterly

    Enter your First name, last name, email address and phone number followed by your choice of password and click on “create new account“.

    Racksterly income program review

    Step 3: Confirm your Email Address

    A confirmation code will be sent to your email address you entered. Login to the email inbox and copy the code and paste it in this box. If you don’t find the code in your inbox, check your promotional inbox or spam box.

    Racksterly signup

    Step 4: Racksterly Introduction

    You will get to an introduction page showing you walk throughs of the things remaining to complete your racksterly Registration.
    • You will need to link your facebook account that is atleast 2 months old with over 200 friends.
    • A bank account for withdrawing your earnings.
    • Your ATM card or bank account details for paying for your subscription.
    Click on Continue to go-to the next page.

    Racksterly review
    Racksterly review

    Step 5: Enter Your Nigerian Bank Details

    Enter your Nigerian bank details and click on “Continue“.

    Racksterly nigeria

    Step 6: Link Your Facebook Profile

    Click on the change Facebook profile and link to your choice of Facebook account that meet their requirements.

    Racksterly Review

    Step 7: Choose a Plan and Pay

    Now, choose your plan and pay for your subscription. You will be prompted to pay via Paystack Payment Processor.
    I will advise you to go for either the storm ($45) or typhoon ($75) if you have money. You will make more money with those plans.

    Racksterly Income program review
    Racksterly income program review

    Step 8: Complete your payment

    From the picture below, I choose the Typhoon plan because it brings in the most money. Enter your card details or bank details and make your payment.

    Racksterly Review

    Step 9: You’re good to go

    You can start making money. Explore your dashboard and have fun!

    Racksterly Review

    If you want me to do the registration for you you can easily click on the following to chat me on whatsapp

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