Newspay forum Review How To Earn ₦100,000 Every 2 Weeks Online

Newspay Forum is brand news sites where you can make up to ₦100,000 every 2 weeks straight to your bank account just by doing simple activities online using your mobile phone

In our today topic am going to show how I make big money on newspay forum with without at comfort of my home with no stress

Before I go further I will like to remind you to read this post from the beginning to the end because am 100% sure that this platform can change your financial situation if you take a bold step today and get started with just one time payment of ₦1500.

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What is Newspayforum 

NewsPayForum Income Bundle is Nigeria’s #1 Profound Earning signature platform through legitimate systematic social activity platform. Get onboard the smartest Earning platform.
You can ultimately earn between ₦50,000 to ₦300,000 every 2 weeks basis with our substantial earning process by just sharing our posts, Discuss and Viral Share Post.


Getting onboard NewsPayForum Income Bundle on how you to registered with us on the system  below are about great ways to earn on NewsPayForum Income

1.You earn ₦50 bonus when you successfully register your account. The funds would instantly reflect when you access your account area. This is the welcome bonus attached by NewsPayForum.

2. You earn ₦50 for Daily Login to NewsPayForum. Login here to NewsPayForum

3. You earn ₦5 for making constructive comments on any of our news/posts posted and updated on NewsPayForum.

4.You earn ₦2 when you complete your Profile Settings data and upload your profile picture correct details

5. You earn ₦150 for sharing our VIRAL POST to your social media handle for the day. You will have to login to your account, click on VIRAL SHARE and follow the direction there for sharing your Viral Share Post for the day. Viral Share Posts are paid promotional post on NewsPayForum

6. You earn ₦30 for Posting/ SUBMITTING well constructed original quality post to NewsPayForum - This is unlimited.

7. You earn ₦100 for Promotional Video You Make about NewsPayForum on Youtube or on Facebook

8. You earn ₦1050 or ₦2000 money when you REFER your friends, family and coworkers to NewsPayForum earning Program. ₦1050 or ₦2000 AFFILIATE EARNING depending on your plan is allocated as Affiliate Earnings to you. The more REFERRALS you make, the more profits you earn as well. This earnings would automatically reflect in your AFFILIATE Earning Account Balance

9. You earn 15% profits per e-PIN Delivery Bulk sale profits from being a NewsPayForum PIN CODE Distributor. – register now and You can contact us at to learn more on how to join NewsPayForum PIN CODE Distributors

At the end of the every 2 weeks, you could be banking at least ₦50,000 to ₦300,000 and getting paid every 2 weeks basis to your BANK Account. What more could be better than an earning system that’s sustainable as NewsPayForum?


If you have a working ATM card Click Here To Register Your And Pay Online Using Your Card

But for those you like to use others payment method click on the following button to chat me on whatsapp.  Also don't hesitate to drop your comments below.

Get started today and change your financial situation just by doing above activities with your mobile phone.

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